The Nature and Landscape Photography of Michael Wessner

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"Turning Point"

I represent my own rights-managed stock photography.  If you are looking for an image for your company, website, project, product, book, or any other commercial uses, please contact me using the form below, with as many specifics as you can provide.  I’d love to help!

I will do my best to respond to any stock inquiries within 24 hours, ask any further questions as needed, and soon after deliver a quote in line with industry standards.  Thank you! 

PLEASE NOTE:  My minimum stock license fee for a single image is currently $75 regardless of size, placement, length of use, and photo credit given.  Many common uses exceed that amount.  Small businesses and organizations based in Tennessee currently receive a 20% discount on all license fees.  Multiple images licensed at the same time may also receive special discounted rates.  Please get in touch for more details.   


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You can include the image titles if found on my website, or provide a description of what you seek if not found here.
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"Spruce Flats"

"At Rest"